That was the day I finished travelling from Venice. For some reason, I had to off to Ramsgate later that day, but I happened to have almost half a day to spend in between. Therefore, I spent the time in Central London to look for something and had a little photo walk there.
London Underground
I always find the underground in London is quite good for photography. I've no idea why but feel like it's a thing that belongs to the movies.
On train
The cinematic feel is something I look for all the time, that's why I like to take shots on the underground trains all the time. But you know what? It's quite likely that someone will turn and look at you with the graze of "what is this silly guy doing here?", just unavoidable.
The noticed me taking picture
Sometimes you just need to be brave to take the shots in public. There isn't much to do with which camera you're using. No matter whether you're using a Leica, a small mirrorless, or a big old DSLR, there's always someone who will be aware that you're taking pictures once you put the camera up in front of your eye. So, just be brave.
Big Ben & River Thames
I rushed to Westminster that day to try to catch the sunset view of the River Thames. I was too late for that, the sun was already gone when I was there up above the ground again. But well, the weather was nice enough to let me enjoy the blue hours, and that was my 1st-time visiting Westminster, so there's no point for me to go without taking a few shots!

Children always tend to go faster

Cinematic feel again. Basically, everyone who has been following me can tell I love this kind of shot a lot. Btw, have you ever noticed that children are always in hurry for things? But when we grew up as an adult, most of us will tend to take our time and slow down if we can. It's like we all have to slow down at some point, just like that child in the picture, even if he went faster, he had to slow down and wait. How interesting.

Geometry in the station

I also happened to like this kind of geometry as part of the architecture a lot, especially in black & white. The open space design of Westminster makes it my favourite underground station in London.
Speaking of black & white, I haven't jumped to digital Leica yet at the time I took all these photos. These photos are all taken by my lovely Fujifilm X-Pro2 and I loved the Acros film simulation a lot. That's why a lot of these photos are in black & white. Sadly I've sold all of my Fujis to fund the Leica, but I'm feeling there'll be a day I go back to pick up a Fuji again.
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