It has been more than 10 years since I started doing photography. Most of the time I take pictures from ground level, even though there are a lot of interesting scenes on the ground, sometimes I do wish I can shoot from a higher place. That feeling has become stronger & stronger throughout the years. 
Since the drones are much more affordable & portable with good enough image quality these days, I finally bought a DJI Mavic Air in 2018 for the purpose of adding some elements of aerial shots into my photography.
High-angle shots are awesome, it enables me to capture the cityscapes at angles I cannot reach without the drone. Top-down shots are incredibly amazing as well. I have found some lovely compositions looking straight down to the ground from the air, especially when flying above the city.
It only took a few months and I am now absolutely addicted to doing urban photography with drones.
For more drone photography from me, please check out the full album below, or follow my Instagram @devtography.
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